How to Root Apple Tree Cuttings in Water?

How to Root Apple Tree Cuttings in Water

I never knew that apple cuttings can be rooted in water. When I got to know it, I could not wait to experiment on my own. Apple cuttings in water can be worth an experiment! If you are looking for some tips, then you can check out this article. 

One day while having an apple a thought cracked in my mind. Can an apple tree grow from cuttings in water? 

I think most of the gardeners thought of this. So I searched on google, “ How to root an apple cutting in water?”. 

I found many gardeners talking about this topic but couldn’t find specific information. 

After some research, I found a scholarly paper on this topic. It may help new gardeners. 

There is some important information regarding this, thought of sharing.

Water has a great impact on the physiological and biochemical processes of plants. Water helps to grow both buds and roots. 

So, How to root apple cuttings in water?

Select soft cuttings from an apple tree, cut both edges at a 45-degree angle, scratch the edge a bit that will be below the water, apply root hormone and place the cuttings in water. Change the water every 3 to 4 days, and keep the cuttings in a cool place with indirect sunlight. After 3 to 4 weeks buds will be shown on the cuttings and the roots will grow.


Apple trees grow well in a number of soil conditions and climates. It will not grow if consistently submerged in water.

Apple trees grow near most the bodies of water. They need to be provided the right temperatures, good drainage, and proper care.

How To Grow Root Of Apple Cuttings In Water 

In order to grow roots in apple cuttings, first, you need to choose the right branch for cuttings. 

The branch should feature a number of nodes where leaves branch off.

There should be a bud on the tip of the branch. 

For best results, apple tree cuttings should be collected in late spring.

After collecting the best cuttings from an apple tree, cut off all the leaves and buds that will be below the water. 

It will be best if you keep the cutting around 6 to 8 inches long, but not more than 8 inches. 

Cut the end edge that will be below water at a 45-degree angle. Scratch the edge a bit with a sharp and clean knife. 

Dip the scratch end in root hormone or honey as honey is really helpful to growing roots. 

According to the experts in gardening, rooting hormones are special powders or liquids that help to encourage a cutting to sprout roots.

Keep the cuttings in water. You have to provide indirect sunlight and a cool temperature to grow roots. 

Change the water every 3 to 4 days. After 3-4 weeks you will notice small buds are blooming on the cuttings and roots are sprouting. 

Now, your apple cuttings are ready to transfer to the soil. 

How To Plant Apple Cuttings In Soil 

Now as your apple cuttings in water are ready to transfer to soil, you need to fill a pot with moist peat soil. 

According to the experts of the Washington University Extension office, peat soil is best for apple cuttings.  

Peat soils drain well and as it is lightweight, it doesn’t interfere with growing roots. Insert the cuttings at least 3 inches depth in the soil. 

Place the pot in a warm place where there will be partial sunlight. You need to provide moist soil and partial sunlight otherwise the cutting will dry out or the leaves will be burned. 

Water your apple plant daily to maintain its healthy growth. Keep the soil moist but do not overflow it with water, too much water can kill your favorite plant. 

How To Take Care Of Apple Plants 

Climate Considerations are very important in growing apple trees. 

Most apple trees like to grow near water bodies. If your apple tree is in a pot you need to take care of it very carefully. 

Let me give you some tips on how to take care of your apple plant –

  • Water your apple plant daily.
  • Refresh mulch regularly, but don’t let it contact the trunk, it can rot. 
  • Use pest control in order to care for your plant properly.
  • Cut off misplaced buds to avoid misplaced brunches.
  • Apple trees need initial training to carry a strong frame. Otherwise, they won’t be able to carry heavy apple crops. 
  • To slow its growth, bend a stem almost horizontally for a few weeks. It will help grow brunches and fruits. 
  • Pruning is very important. Prune your mature plant when it’s completely dormant. 
  • You need to remove the weak twigs in order to maintain healthy growth. 
  • Shorten the droopy stems.
  • Remove the damaged or small fruits, soon after the fruit set.

Apple plants are one of the toughest plants to grow. It’s not that easy to grow a healthy apple plant. Apple trees normally grow from seeds, but with proper care and monitoring, they can be grown from cuttings too.

If you provide a good environment for your apple plants and research all the factors that help them grow, your apple tree project will be successful. 

Wrapping Up – Apple Cuttings In Water

So now, after the discussion, you know all the necessary information about apple cuttings in water.

Use a clean and sharp cutter to cut the cuttings from the apple tree.

You need to use clean water to grow roots on your apple cuttings. Make sure that you change the water every 3 to 4 days. Provide necessary temperature and sunlight for best results.

You need to maintain the moisture of the soil, enough temperature, and provide sufficient sunlight required for your plant. 

Use pesticides in order to get rid of insects that hamper your favorite apple plant.

In order to grow a healthy apple plant you just need to ensure that you checked all the facts that are causing hampers to your apple plant.

I wish you very good luck with your apple plant, happy gardening! 

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